Weiss Bond

[ Weiss Bond ]

Our Aluminium composite panel system Weiss Bond consists of two layers of aluminium alloy and a layer of polyethylene, that make it very durable and lightweight.

Here are the most important

Facts and information

Durable, tough and leightweight

High sound and heat insulation

Easy manufacturing and processing

High resistance against
bad environmental conditions

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Aesthetic and elegant appearance

Process flexibility and applicability
of a wide variety of colors

Application areas

Outer and inner facade applications

Shopping centers, hotels, exhibitions and fairs

Various restoration and decorative applications

Signs and advertising board applications

Internal and external surfaces of the
tunnel - metro stations, airport, train station
and bus terminals


Standard panel size
4 mm X 1250 mm X 3200 mm
Maximum panel thickness
6 mm
Maximum panel length
6 000 mm
Panel width
1250 mm – 1500 mm
Tolerance in panel thickness
0,2 mm
Tolerance in panel length
-2 mm/+2 mm
Tolerance in panel width
0 mm/+4 mm
Diagonal difference
max. 3 mm
100 % Recyclable
Alluminium is 100 % recyclable and eco friendly.
Recycling saves energy
The recycling of aluminium costs only 5% of the initial energy, needed for producing it.
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Rich variety of colors
Rich variety of colors

Your bravest design ideas can easily be turned into reality with the rich color diversity of Weiss Bond aluminium panels.

Flat, metallic and wooden texture colors
Flat, metallic and wooden texture colors

Except in a wide pallete of flat colors, the Weiss Bond aluminium composite panels can also be ordered in metallic or wood- textured color, thus making the possibilities for experimenting  with modern facades practically unlimited.

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Declaration of conformity WEISS BOND
Declaration of conformity WEISS BOND