Lightech WP40

[ Lightech WP40 ]

Aluminium system for windows and doors with continuous thermal bridge and mounting width of 37 or 40mm.

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Facts and information

Aluminium system for doors and windows with continuous thermal bridge

Assembly width of the frame profiles - 37 mm and 40 mm

Suitable for installation of doors and windows

Possibility for glazing and glass panes /20 mm/ and single glass /4 mm/

Variety of profiles in size, form, design and opening

Possibility to use the sash for euro-canal

Stylistic variety of straight and rounded shapes

Use of universal joints for quick and easy installation


100 % Recyclable
Alluminium is 100 % recyclable and eco friendly.
Recycling saves energy
The recycling of aluminium costs only 5% of the initial energy, needed for producing it.
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Unlimited variety of colors
Unlimited variety of colors

Every Weiss Profil aluminium system for doors and windows can be ordered in an unlimited variety of colors from the RAL scale. They implement a sense of completion and wellbeing in any interior.

Wide range wooden texture foils
Wide range wooden texture foils

The Aluminium systems can also be foiled in a wide range of beautiful wooden textures, which give comfort and completeness to any  interior.

All Weiss Profil aluminium systems are foiled using only top quaility of certified foils from the internationally acclaimed company

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