Weiss Profil aluminium profile system for curtain walls WPW 500 has thermal interruption with polyamide plate and mounting width of 50mm.

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Facts and information

Aluminium system for attached façade with assembly width – 50 mm

Thermal break with polyamide plate

Glazing with glass panels 26/28/32/34 mm

Wide variety of profiles for columns and horizontals depending on the necessary statics of the construction, practically allowing satisfaction of almost all architectural solutions /vertical facades, inclined facades,
polygonal facades, winter gardens/

The system offers columns with standard outer corners 90° and 135°
Horizontal - vertical joint to guarantee good drainage.

Seals from EPDM /very good sustainability to aging/

Possibility for glazing with an outer aluminium cap, structural glazing with dry joint or structural glazing with silicon joints /as well as combinations with them/

Openable valve-type parts or building-in of openable aluminium windows and front doors

Combination with composite panels WEISSBOND

Technical characteristics

*The provided values are results for a window with 32 mm glazing.

Thermal transmittance
1.7 W/m2K
Sound insulation
42 dB
Air permeability
Class 4
Water tightness
Class R7
Resistance to wind load
1.5 kN/m2
100 % Recyclable
Alluminium is 100 % recyclable and eco friendly.
Recycling saves energy
The recycling of aluminium costs only 5% of the initial energy, needed for producing it.
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Unlimited variety of colors
Unlimited variety of colors

Weiss profil curtain wall system WPW500 can be ordered in the unlimited variety of colors of the RAL scale thus letting you turn your bravest architectural ideas into reality.

Wide range wooden texture foils
Wide range wooden texture foils

Except  to be painted  in an unlimited color diversity, the WPW 500 Curtain wall system can also be foiled in a beautiful selection of natural wood textured foils.

All Weiss Profil aluminium systems are foiled using only top quaility of certified foils from the internationally acclaimed company

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