Essential WP3000

[ Essential WP3000 ]

3-chamber PVC system for windows and doors with 60 mm width frame. Thermal transmittance - 1.0 W/m2K, sound insulation - 39 dB

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Facts and information

3-chamber PVC system for doors and windows

Assembly width of the frame profile- 60 mm

Assembly width of the sash window profile- 60 mm

Possibility for glazing and glass panes with different width /24 mm, 32 mm/

The system offers a variety of profiles that allow making of constructions with different types of opening and configuration:
-  Window opening inwards
- Door opening inwards
-  Door opening outwards
-  Constructions of 90° and a random angle between them
- One-sash and two-sash doors and windows /combined with unopenable parts/

Additional steel profile with width of 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm so that to provide the necessary strength of the windows /depending on the size/, similar to the frame profile and the sash window profile

TPV seal in the PVC profiles, making the work easier when assembling

A special canal of the sash profile for faster and easier assembly of fitting

/center of the system 13 mm/




Technical characteristics

*The provided values are results for a window with 32 mm glazing.


Thermal transmittance
1.0 W/m2K
Sound insulation
39 dB
Air permeability
Class 4
Water tightness
Class A8
Resistance to wind load
Class 5A/5B
All Weiss Profil PVC systems are made with health- and eco-friendly lead-free PVC stabilizers.
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Rich variety of colors
Rich variety of colors

Selection from a wide range of foils, imitating wooden textures, which adds coziness and completeness to any interior.

High quality foils
High quality foils

All Weiss Profil PVC systems are foiled using only top high quaility of certified foils from the internationally acclaimed company

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Test protocol for profile ESSENTIAL WP3000 English
Test protocol for profile ESSENTIAL WP3000 English
Test protocol for profile ESSENTIAL WP3000 Bulgarian
Test protocol for profile ESSENTIAL WP3000 Bulgarian