With over a decade of manufacturing experience our company takes pride in consistently fulfilling its commitment to customers, employees and investors.

More than 20 years


The history of “Weiss Profil” begins in 2003 when the company was founded and a year later it was already ranked among the leading Bulgarian companies in the production of PVC and aluminium profiles. Our mission is to provide practical and ingenious PVC, Aluminium and Facade system solutions for all types of buildings.  

In recent years we have been gradually expanding our foreign markets, consequently becoming well known and sought after not only in Bulgaria, but also internationally. Around 80% of our production is being exported to over 25 countries, which acounts for our widely developed trade and representative’s network.

The high quality window and door systems are manufactured in our own factory, located in the industrial part of Sofia and able to produce an annual capacity of over 25,000 tons.

The production base is located in an own park on an area of ​​14,000 square meters and has modern high-tech machines and equipment that give us confidence that we can offer our clients systems for PVC and Aluminium windows at European level and quality.

The team of “Weiss Profil” exceeds 500 people, in whom we appreciate and stimulate creative thinking, high professional qualification and enthusiasm. Strive for creating new products and innovative solutions that apply in the production of aluminium and PVC windows, is shared by all.  

We work in close cooperation with the University of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, and as a result of our work appeared innovative developments that successfully apply as for the production of PVC profiles for windows and façade systems WPW 5000.

“Weiss Profil” is the first Bulgarian company which introduced the technology for producing PVC windows with harmless lead-free stabilizers, taking a firm stance in protecting the environment and caring for the health of our customers.